Friday, December 19, 2008

How does a new golfer use the Tour Striker?

New golfers have to overcome the desire to want to elevate the ball.

The suggested method to get started with the Tour Striker:

Start with the Tour Striker in line with your left arm (sorry lefties, you're very good at transposing info). Place the ball two to three inches toward the center of your stance from your left shoulder joint. Since the shoulder joint is the "center" of the motion, this ball position allows for a downward strike. Keep the in line condition of the left arm and Tour Striker and hit short shots (5-15 yards) without losing this alignment. The ball will only fly knee to hip high and run out a lot. The Tour Striker has 36 degrees of loft, which isn't much for chipping with today's faster putting surfaces.

The pivot (body turn) provides the energy for this motion. Allow the hands to be passive during this action. Let the elevated leading edge get under the equator of the ball. If you try and help the ball into the air, you will "skull"the ball and hit it thinly along the ground.

Good Luck!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What can I expect after practicing with the Tour Striker?

It depends on your skill level!

1. If you are an expert player, the Tour Striker training club will refine your ball striking. It will narrow your focus and make you have the rythym and timing necessary for great strikes. You WILL have to get the club in the correct impact condition.

Use a lie board if you really want superior practice. Work on your fades and draw, high and low shots!

2. If you are a low to high handicapper, you likely have a lot of room for improvement with your ball striking and impact alignments. This club will make you think!! It will also drive you a little nuts as it doesn't let you cheat like you can with traditional clubs.

Most high handicappers can sell old clubs as new! The sweet spot hasn't been hit! Let's learn how to wear that spot out:)