Monday, September 28, 2009

Tour Striker Pro - Impact Questions?

Hi Mike,


Sorry for the delay and many thanks for purchasing the Tour Striker Pro!


Since I don’t know your ball striking skill, I’ll tell you my experience. If I arrive at impact correctly, I hit a shot that closely resembles the distance and trajectory of my Titleist 7-iron.


If I’m late and the low point of my swing is a little too far ahead of the ball (pro miss), I hit a knuckle ball that goes about 200+ yards. Since I don’t “flip” at it, I don’t hit ground balls. Generally, grounders are a result of being way too late or not steep enough. An attack angle that is not steep enough is typically a result of somebody trying to elevate or “flip” the ball into the air and the elevated leading edge produces a ground ball. However, I have seen some very steep “open face over the top” downswings that don’t have a chance at hitting the TS Pro correctly. They need to “fix the face” in relation to their arms and only then will they shallow out enough to get the club working on a suitable attack angle.


Can you cheat the club? Yes, a little. You see, to teach someone to welcome hitting the ground and take divots, the rounded sole allows the club to slide along the ground a little (fat shot with a normal club) and still elevate the ball with a forward leaning shaft. Is this cheating bad?  I don’t think so. People need to learn leverage and the ground (without the rounded Tour Striker sole) can be far too punishing.


Take care and keep me in the loop on your progress.



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From: Michael [mailto: com]
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2009 9:50 AM
To: Martin Chuck
Subject: Tour Striker Pro


Mr. Chuck -


I recently purchased a Tour Striker Pro.  I read about the club earlier this year in Golfworld and found the concept intriguing, but didn't pull the trigger until recently.


After working with it in two sessions I have a couple of questions I hope you can clear up.  I am trying to better understand what I should expect from the ballfight to make sure I am creating the correct position at impact.


1 - What is the typical ball flight of correctly executed shot?  I assume that one should get similar ball flight as one's regular 7-iron. 


2 - What is the typical ball flight of an incorrectly executed shot?  I have only topped it a few times.  It seems to me that my misses are low burners/knuckleballs that actually fly a decent distance and also run out.  It doesn't feel as bad as a blade with a standard club, but still not good.  From scanning your blog, this appears to be a "Pro" miss, correct?  Is there anyway to "cheat" and still get decent ballflight?


Thanks in advance from a former Oregonian.  I grew up in the Ashland/Medford area, but now live in Napa, CA.







Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tour Stricker Pro

Hello Tom,
Thanks for your interest in the Tour Striker products.
That is some shocking speed for a 60 y/o let alone a 25 y/o. Not many humans can swing a club 120 mph! That's awesome. I'd be 25 yards behind you all day long.
I'm skeptical about your clubs at plus 2.5" length? I don't think I can name a Tour player that has irons 2.5" over standard length and I played a lot of golf with George Archer! If you like them and can knock pins down, so be it. I'm very familiar with HG and their roots in Idaho. I'm a big fan of Randy Henry.
If you are asking me if my club is a must have? I'd say no. A lot of people have great impact alignments and have never used the TS products. It's a learning tool; you have good alignments or you don't. If you don't, this will help you.
I think the TS Pro is a great way to go for a skilled player or teacher promoting/learning impact alignments. It is hard to strike, but I love the challenge.
I'm not a fan of the "truth" club. I like AJ and think he's an excellent. Todd Graves/Moe Norman stuff? There will never be another Moe and trying to mimic his method is futile. Moe was as strong as a bear and his "golf strength" was astounding. While he was the purist and straightest that EVER LIVED. He hit it relatively short by professional standards.
Here's the thing; my club doesn't care about your swing, nor do I. You have it or you don't. If you don't, you'll figure out (with some sweat) how to do it or you'll take up tennis.
While I appreciate you asking, we are not discounting at this time. My partners and I may run some promotions down the road at some point. PGA members can buy one for personal use at 50 percent off with the PGA Member Number. That's pretty common in the industry.
If you don't like the club and it doesn't help you, you'll get your money back!
Take care and keep up the big hitting!!
Martin Chuck, PGA  I  Director of Golf/Club Manager  I  Tetherow Golf Club  I  61240 Skyline Ranch Road, Bend OR 97702 I  C 541.948.2480  I  O 541.388.2582  I  F 541.388.1057  I  I

From: Tom  []
Sent: Mon 9/21/2009 11:36 PM
Subject: Tour Stricker Pro


My name is Tom and I live in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.

I received your email about your Tour Stricker / Pro and liked the premiss your addressing.  Which raised a couple of questions for me and my 2 teaching Pros as well.

I currently play with Henry Griffitts Clubs, Graphite Stiff shaft, 3 degrees up and 2 inches longer then a normal 7 Iron.  I measured mine at 39 1/2" and your listing shows 37".  I am around 5' 11" and 60 years old.  I have been told my swing plane is along Fred Couples.  Both Callaway and Ping fitted me at 4 degrees Up.  

My swing speed with Driver averages 119, average drive 285+.  Last year I entered a Long Drive competition in AZ and hit 364.

We are wondering if I were to try your club, which club of yours you would suggest or would your standard "Pro" work?   When I hit a flat club I will usually stick it to the right as is also true when hitting a Reg shaft as it is too slow to come around.

As I told you my teaching pro was curious after my showing him your info however he wonders if it's just another one out there, e.g. "Graves Golf Academy and my latest... I recently purchased AJ Boner's "Truth" club which unfortunately I found to be shall I say, "less impressive then advertised.  Didn't know he was into breaking the wrist at impact.

I ran your numbers for your "Pro" model at 3 degrees up and 2" longer and it came to, $124 which seemed a bit steep for a practice club I may or may not use.  I also noticed a "Coupon Promotion Code" on your order form, is there one I can use for a discount? Thanks.

Also, I was asked if you offer discounts to Pro shops that would use your club in lessons?



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tour Striker Pro Comments



Thanks for your note. That’s the goal, let your body figure it out!


Have a great day,




From: Clayton []
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 5:03 AM
To: Martin Chuck
Subject: RE: Tour Striker vs. Tour Striker Pro


First try = grounder


Second try = perfect


My body figured it out.  The club requires shaft lean and one compress the ball first into the ground.  I can't wait to hit some more shots with it.  Great practice club.




From: Martin Chuck []
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 12:15 AM
To: Davidson, Clayton
Subject: RE: Tour Striker vs. Tour Striker Pro


Hi Clayton,

It doesn't require any more shaft lean. It requires excellent timing and the right amount. How much? 5-8 degrees makes the tool work well.

Your body will figure it out!!

Keep me in the loop!

Martin Chuck  I  PGA Director of Golf/Club Manager  I  Tetherow Golf Club  I  61240 Skyline Ranch Road, Bend OR 97702 I  C 541.948.2480  I  O 541.388.2582  I  F 541.388.1057  I  I

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From Clayton [
Sent: Wed 9/16/2009 1:49 PM
To: Martin Chuck
Subject: RE: Tour Striker vs. Tour Striker Pro


I just received the Tour Striker Pro and can't wait to hit it. 
Does this club require more shaft lean and a steeper angle of attack to hit it properly as opposed to the Tour Striker?  I would assume that it does, however, I could be wrong.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ben Doyle - THE Tour Striker

I hope you enjoy this story about Ben Doyle. He is an amazing man and done so much for so many players and teachers around the World.

A Tribute to Ben Doyle from Chris Little on Vimeo.

RE: Tourstriker question?


Nice talking to you this morning. I appreciate the positive feedback.

The ideal location is about two groves up from the leading edge and there are two ways you can hit line drives with the Tour Striker or Tour Striker Pro:

1. You are a little too late (or steep) and the elevated leading edge hits the equator of the ball in route to low point (the ground). This is the "pro" miss.
2. You are too shallow and the club is on the way up and the leading edge catches the equator of the ball. Your swing could be too inside out.

Remember to get that elevated leading edge closer to the ground. Key points for that:

-Pivot moves the arms
-Arms move the club
-The centrifugal relationship delivers a lagging club (forward lean)
-This forward lean gets the TS or TSP in the right orientation to present loft.

Good luck and keep me posted on your success.


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From: Robb []
Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 8:33 AM
To:; Stacey Chuck
Subject: Tourstriker question?

Hi Stacey and Martin:

I am enjoying better ball striking thanks to your wonderful training aid. I
was the guy who called you in your truck when you were coming home from
Washington, to Bend - a few weeks ago.  I bought the then last TSP.  Sorry
to bother you.

My irons feel better and my angle of attack has improved.  I am learning to
control the lower trajectory, and the introduction of a draw to my shot

My question however is:  where do you want to strike the ball on the
Tourstriker Pro?  Is the optimal contact point "about 2 grooves from the
bottom of the TSP face" or "middle of the TSP face"?

While my irons (MP62s) have improved - my ball striking per se, with the TSP
has not really gotten any better than 20~30 foot "line drives".  Certainly
not the "regular shot trajectory" that some people seem to have.

Could you please let me know where the optimal place to strike the TSP
should be?  And what is the optimal shot shape with the TSP?

I am medium framed, 5'8" fairly athletic - my "old swing" I can usually hit
a high drop/stop approach with my 6 iron from 165 yards.  After the TSP I
can hit the club 170 but on a lower trajectory that hits and rolls several

Since I read some people saying that they hit the TSP like a normal shot - I
think I might be doing something incorrectly.

Thanks for your tips.  Love your invention.