Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fat shots, deep divots

Thanks for your note. I'm glad you are progressing. By your description I'm going to guess that your ball is too far back in your stance. All shots except your driver should be played under the logo on your shirt (left chest). The low spot in your swing (bottom of your divot) should be under your left shoulder joint, thus a ball played 3-4" or so to the right of that point works great for irons and lofted woods. You can move the 3-wood and driver up toward the low point. It's pretty hard to take really deep divots if the ball is in the right place.
 The other culprit could be path? You may be too outside to in through the ball, but your account doesn't suggest this being the case.
I caution you about starting with forward shaft lean at address. A couple of degrees is okay, but any more will add to your challenges. Our goal is to have the club naturally lag, trail in the right sequence, which puts it in a forward leaning condition naturally.
Send a video when you can and good luck,

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My swing path is getting fairly dialed in. I am hitting shots much straighter. I have started moving my hands a bit forward in the address position in an attempt to get better compression on the strike, and I would say generally that is helping.

My biggest problem right now is that 75% of the time my shots are fat. Sometimes VERY badly (can hardly follow through because the club is stuck coming through the dirt).

Could you give me some general swing thoughts for how to stop digging so much?


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Testimonial for the Tour Striker! Thanks Arny


Thanks so much for your note and testimonial! The TS Pro will be a great progression for you. I look forward to hearing about your game.

Keep me posted.


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Hi Martin
I am waiting on the Pro model to arrive and I`m really looking forward to using it. The basic TS has improved my game immensely. Prior to using it, I hit most of my shots fat. It was a horrible feeling - a lot of effort with very little result. And it hurt! When I first started to use the TS, I was struggling with it and I was glad that this was the case. The reason being that I knew my swing was wrong and, if I had been able to hit the TS correctly first time, then I would have known it wasn`t helping me. If that makes sense! Anyhow, I was hitting low shots along the ground that were going everywhere. However, I persevered and gradually started to get the ball into the air. I could feel that I was doing something different around the impact zone but I couldn`t really see what it was. It just felt different. Obviously it was the forward lean that I wasn`t getting before. It`s very difficult to practise forward lean by just trying it with an ordinary club, because the tendency it to go back to your old habit around the hitting area. With the TS, I was virtually forced to enter the impact area correctly. I eventually started hitting some great shots with the TS. I knew this simply because the ball was travelling about 150 yards in a nice ball flight and I didn`t feel like I was hitting it very hard. I was hitting it so well, in fact, that I started to use it as my 150 yard club. Another benefit that I have noticed with the TS is that it has improved my timing. Again, it just feels different - I can`t see a lot of what`s going on because the golf swing is over in such a short period of time, but I do definitely feel that my transition from backswing to downswing is much smoother and slower. Things seem to speed up nearer the impact area. This is an excellent training aid that you have invented, and the beauty of it is that one can actually hit golf balls with it. I think this is very important in a training aid. I have quite a few training aids in my garage and, quite frankly, this is the best by far. When your Pro model came out I had no hesitation in buying it. In fact, I might have been the first! Your customer service is excellent and, for anyone reading this who is thinking, "will I, won`t I?", my advice advice is, go ahead and do it. It will be the best golf investment you will ever make. It`s a small price to pay for the benefit that you will receive. Thanks again for everything.


Exchange for a Tour Striker 8 Iron


Happy Father's Day!

I'm happy to swap out the club, but give it a chance! One session is not practice....

To quote a character off Saturday Night Live, "You can do it..."

Hang in there for five more sessions and then contact me. I'll bet your striking and overall game will take on a more pleasing tone. You can always use a tee for a while to gain some confidence.



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Monday, June 22, 2009 11:00 AM
Subject: Exchange for a Tour Striker 8 Iron

Hi Martin,

My wife purchased me the Tour Striker Pro (7 Iron) for Father's Day and I had a chance to hit several balls w/ it at the range over the weekend. I was actually surprised I got a few of those balls in the air!

 The leading edge is a bit too aggressive for my playing level. I think the 8 iron might help me w/ my training a bit better.

 Anyways, I was wondering if I can exchange the Pro for the standard Tour Striker. The TS Pro has hit about 10 balls max. No scratches or anything like that. Just ball marks, which can be rubbed out and cleaned.

 Let me know. Thanks.





Shots that go lower and to the right...


Thanks for your note!

This is common. You have adding more forward lean and lag to your shots, but the face is a little open at impact, thus the right shots.

The goal is to have lag AND a square face. So, you can think of a couple of things to help square up the face while you apply more lag using the TS Pro.

Trevino did it by aiming left and playing for the fade.

Sergio lags and pivots like crazy; squaring up the face by getting the handle and left hip around quickly.

Most folks have to understand that address alignments (ie, face aiming squarely at the target) is not important.

Homer Kelley, author of the Golfing Machine, noted that the clubface should be closed at address, open at impact and square at separation (when the ball leaves the face).

In your case, I would work on an aggressive pivot, getting your hands and hips "around the corner" a little quicker.

You likely squared the face of your normal clubs with a little "flip" and the TS Pro isn't allowing that correction. I think some added hours with the club and you will start to "train in" the correct alignments. Be patient and alternate between the TS Pro and your 7-iron. Remember, it's about owning your personal swing.



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I got my Tour Striker Pro this weekend. Great training aid. Thank you...

My question is: should the ball flight be similar in height to a standard 7 iron ?

I'm hitting some decent shots impact wise, but the ball flight is lower and often to the right. Should I expect a standard ball flight as I keep on practicing with it or it's normal that the trajectory is lower with the TS vs my normal 7 iron ?

Thanks for clarifying...

Robert from Montreal !