Wednesday, March 17, 2010

RE: A happy "customer" with a question/issue

Hi Doc,

Thanks for the note. My pleasure on all that golf stuff...that's what I
do! Come visit me at Tetherow. It's awesome.

If the TS Pro is too hard, you can cheat it a bit and give yourself more
of a preferred lie. I even has some "newbies" hit it off a tee until
they can work the tee into the ground to the point they don't need it at

Hang in there and if the frustration proves too much, send me another




I REALLY appreciate your love for the game and for teaching us NON-pros.
Your videos on youtube are great.
I bought a tour striker pro just before Christmas, and while applying
your teaching concepts has improved
my ball striking a good deal with "real" clubsl, especially with my
irons, I simply cannot hit the tourstriker pro-correctly
even when I limit myself to very short punch shots/even chip shots.

I LOVE a challenge but I think I may need to buy a tour striker from
you, keep the TS pro for if/when I can advance
to a higher level and go from there. I just found a video you did
dealing with this very issue for a guy who can hit
the TS but not the TSpro, but I had already on my own "figured out" and
tried repeatedly to do what you taught
us in that session with no success.

Any additional ideas? I am a 7 handicap who fights clubhead throw away/a
flip release...which is EXACTLY why I
need to learn how to use your great swing aid.

KEEP UP the good work, I appreciate your initiative in staying in touch
with us literally all over the world with
you excellent teaching concepts. I hope to get to Oregon sometime in the
next year or so and play your course
and maybe even get to meet you in person, would love to take a personal
lesson at some point.

God bless.

Dr. Brad