Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tour Striker - Arny - Progress!!!

Thanks for the note. I'm very pleased to hear about your succes!!! Thanks for the praises about the Tour Striker.

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Hi Martin
A further update.
My fat shots are disappearing!  I just can`t praise this Tour Striker club enough.  It is an excellent training club. 
As I said in an earlier post, I actually use it as a regular club - it is my 150 yard club ( I assume that this is ok - it is legal?). 
I have to agree with an earlier poster who said that it helps with timing.  I always tended to be fast from the top of my backswing but the TS forces me to slow down and get my timing right.
I really look forward to the TS Pro coming out and, if anyone is reading this and thinking about purchasing the TS, my advice would be go ahead and do it.  It certainly is the best training club I have ever had (and I have had quite a few!!)

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tour Striker - Great Round

Wow! Great playing. Way to go; that is awsome.
Improving one's impact alignnments leads to better timing. That is a certainty.
Thanks for sharing your success with me and I appreciate the support of the TS.

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Subject: Tour striker

Again this maybe premature. I hope not and somehow doubt it.  I shot 74 today that is with two double bogies on the back nine.  I have been averaging between 79 and 85.  One additional feature not discussed with your training aid is timing.  I believe that it helps tremenduosly with the timing.  You have peaked my interest with your other product.  I am interested in it.  I have probably only hit 50 balls with your device.   I am sure that I will see greater improvement as I use it in the future.  Since you are a pro I am not sure if you appreciate the timing aspect of your training aid has to offer(since your timing is good).  My playing partner even notice a difference in my swing.  My Pro does not like training aids in general I believe he will like this one.  There is another training aid that I believe is revolutionary and that is the golden plane.  You should check it out if you can. Andre

Tour Striker - Mark - Question about bounce

Hi Martin,
I have a question for you. I was reading Stan Utley's book about the short game and he is big into presenting the bounce for pitch shots etc. It got me thinking that I do everything in my power to stop the bounce of the club hitting the deck before actually hitting the ball with the clubface.
Anyway, because it seemed to work astonishingly well with wedges even off hard surfaces, I tried presenting the bounce first prior to impact with normal mid irons then your tourstriker and I was astonished at the purity of strike, clean, high solid trajectory, no fat shots.
This seems totally undecipherable to me. It seems that presenting the bounce first and striking the toursriker cleanly, which I did, is completely at odds with each other!
Can you please explain this? Thanks,

Hello Mark,
Great question.
Before a golfer can "present the bounce" they have to have a reasonable amount of club shaft control that still agrees with what the golf ball desires; compression. When you look at players that can vary the amount of shaft lean and control their distance and trajectory, they fall into a pretty skilled category. The TS can be hit with excessive lean or marginal lean. With some green side shots, Utley is teaching a "marginal" condition which still presents FORWARD lean just not excessive forward lean.
I'm glad you are able to feel the difference. This stuff goes WAY over most players heads.
You'll find that you will vary how you present the club to the ball based on the conditions and what suits your eye.
As an example: I present the bounce on shortish, greenside shots and if I need to hit a full shot high on special occasion. While I get the height, I have some distance control issues.
My normal ball ground, leading edge divot produces a more consistent trajectory and distance on my iron shots.
This is an excellent question and thanks for sending. If you can maneuver the shaft you are getting pretty darn good, but remember, the shaft is forward leaning even to a small degree.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tour Striker - Scott - Hooking the Tour Striker


My first attempts with the TS were topped, shanked, and toed off the the right. Working on more negative torque in the hands to keep the right wrist bent, I started to make pretty solid contact. I notice, however, that I get a pretty good draw out of the shots with a good eight iron trajectory. Does this mean that I need to weaken my grip, or is there some other swing mechanic I need to look at. I think Hank Haney says that hooks are due to a flat swing plane. Maybe I need to set up with the ball closer?



Hi Scott,

Thanks for your comments and questions.

I'm glad you worked out the shaft lean to achieve some decent results. Now we have to address the face issue. Obviously, the club face of the TS is hitting the outside half of the ball first. Thus the hook spin. Albeit counterintuitive, your swing path is likely too much inside out (flat as you mentioned) as golf balls curve away from the club head path. So.... feel like you are swinging more left, across your left leg, so the ball will work away from what feels like an outside in path.

Remember, feel and real are two different things and you don't have to make much of an adjustment once your figure out shaft lean and lag. It sounds like you are on your way!



Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tour Striker - Ray - How do I develope full swings??

Hello Martin,

I just received my tour striker the other day and had my first session with it this afternoon. My goal this season is to really improve my impact angles and ball striking. I also picked up the PBS and the Clampett book "The impact zone".

I have worked myself down to an 11 index but I guess I never realized how much of a "picker" I am until recently. So it took me quite a while until I hit a few good shots with the tour striker today. I also hit a big draw with it, but on the best struck shots they were straight.

My question is other than the 9 to 3 drill what other drills can I use to improve my impact angles other than hit a bunch of balls with the TS? It's kind of discouraging after 5 or 6 bad TS shots in a row. I did try the bunker drill to hit on the left side of the line and liked it.

When I hit pitch and wedge shots I have no problem taking a divot after the ball and making nice crisp contact. I think my biggest problem is trying to expand that into a full swing. Hopefully I can keep working with the TS and continue to improve.

Thanks for your time,


Hi Ray,

Thank you for buying the Tour Striker. The reason I made the Tour Striker is for folks just like you. I was frustrated bridging the gap from the solid pitch and punch shots to the full motion. I made the Tour Striker to help shorten the learning curve.

Obviously, there is a leak going on from your pitch/punch shots to your full swings. There are many ways to tackle this subject with many different opinions. I'll post a video later to give you a mental image of what has worked for other Tour Strikers.

I like your "course of action" thus far. Stay tuned for video explanation.

Ray, I hope the video clip answers some questions for you. There are a lot of elements that I have not included and I could go on for a long time. I welcome your further questions.