Saturday, November 14, 2009

FW: Tour Striker


My name is Dan Machande and I attended New Mexico State with you back in the early 90's.  I ordered your Tour Striker last weekend and got a chance to use it today.  What a great innovation you have.  The product is very intuitive and forces you into the correct positions.  I had a couple of other guy's give it a try and their results were equally impressive.  It is a great product and the quality of the construction is really good.  There are a lot of training aids that feel "Cheap", yours is not one of them.  Well struck shots give you immediate feedback and mishits are not overly harsh.  What a concept!

I should have listened to Brett Gorney during the show, when he originally told me about your product.  You have a great product and I wish you nothing but success with it in the future.

I called Ross Nettles and told him about it tonight, so expect a call from him soon!

Congratulations again on a great product and I can't wait to get it into some other peoples hands.

Have a great night,

Dan Machande
PGA Professional

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