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FW: Tour Striker

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the note.

The TS has margin for a tiny flip. The TSP requires pretty darn sound
impact alignments with no flip. Of course, the striking surface has a
lot to do with the impact alignments. Tight turf is the best.

The goal for a great strike is "4 and 4." Four degrees of downward
strike with 4 degrees of forward shaft lean. Some guys think they need
to "mash" down on it, when in reality, the steepness isn't the answer,
simply a semi-shallow attack with a subtle forward lean. That's the key
to the "Tour Player" divot. Most flippers have a shallow attack with no
lean or a steep attack with no lean.

Your realization is exactly what I want people to figure out... how to
make the TSP sing with your own thoughts and feels (with Brian's help:))
and then apply it to your own game! Nice job.

Take care and thanks for the feedback,

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I have purchased the Tour Striker and had some success with it. I felt I
could still game it a little and get away with a little flip, so I
purchased a TS Pro off Ebay. Wow. I could hit nothing but belt high line
drives with a swing where I kept some weight left and really tried to
hit down on it...keeping the right shoulder up. Trying real hard to
swing left. No luck.

Then I went back to my NSA swing keeping my head back on the downswing
and Presto! nice, high, straight ballflight. Why would this work when
the steeper trapping shot doesn't? Thanks for coming up with a training
aid that really works.


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