Thursday, December 30, 2010

FW: Which one to get?

From: Byron

Subject: RE: Which one to get?


I finally got my tour striker pro. Finally.


First thought – how in the world am I going to hit the ball on the grooves?


The first session – actually not hitting the ball bad. I seem to be hooking this club more than normal.


Second session – I can hit this club pretty well, but still have tendency to hook the club.


Third session – still hooking but I hit some shots that were almost on line.


I like this club and will continue to use it.


I have been watching as many video’s of Martin as I can find on the web. He makes sense to me and explains things in a logical manner.


This weekend I am meeting a friend at the range and he will give the tour striker some swings.


Thanks – it is a great product! It lives up to the hype.


More importantly – Martin is on the golfwrx forums and helps out with training advice. That shows a lot about how he cares about his product and is not in it to make a quick buck.


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