Thursday, May 28, 2009

RE: Feedback on the Tour Striker


Thanks for taking the time to send a note. I'm glad you like the club and while hitting a golf ball pure is really pleasing, I hope the net result is lower scores and more fun for you while on the course!

I'm about to launch the TS Pro model. Current TS owners have the opportunity to upgrade to the TS Pro at a great discount. It's basically the TS with a higher leading edge (3/16") and with 7-iron specs. It's pretty demanding. I have to be "on my game" to get a series of pure shots in succession. It I'm late or early, the result isn't pleasing but it sure makes my blades seem easy!

Take care and keep me in the loop on your progress.



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Subject: Feedback on the Tour Striker

Mr. Chuck,
Just a quick note regarding the Tour Striker. Mine came in this week and I was able to take it to the range today. I must say that I was impressed. I expected it to help me find that good contact that I currently get only once out of every 6 shots, and it did that well. However what I was not expecting and was pleasantly surprised to find is that it helped me feel how to use my arms equally. I had always believed that the short iron shots were predominately right arm dominant (I'm right handed) and that the long irons and woods were a left arm dominant shot. For some reason with the Tour Striker I was able to feel how to use both arms equally.  I could tell when I overpower the swing with my right arm (which now I realize is the cause of me hitting behind the ball).
Over all an excellent training aid that I will definitely recommend to my friends.
Richard _____
Virginia Beach, VA

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