Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shots that go lower and to the right...


Thanks for your note!

This is common. You have adding more forward lean and lag to your shots, but the face is a little open at impact, thus the right shots.

The goal is to have lag AND a square face. So, you can think of a couple of things to help square up the face while you apply more lag using the TS Pro.

Trevino did it by aiming left and playing for the fade.

Sergio lags and pivots like crazy; squaring up the face by getting the handle and left hip around quickly.

Most folks have to understand that address alignments (ie, face aiming squarely at the target) is not important.

Homer Kelley, author of the Golfing Machine, noted that the clubface should be closed at address, open at impact and square at separation (when the ball leaves the face).

In your case, I would work on an aggressive pivot, getting your hands and hips "around the corner" a little quicker.

You likely squared the face of your normal clubs with a little "flip" and the TS Pro isn't allowing that correction. I think some added hours with the club and you will start to "train in" the correct alignments. Be patient and alternate between the TS Pro and your 7-iron. Remember, it's about owning your personal swing.



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I got my Tour Striker Pro this weekend. Great training aid. Thank you...

My question is: should the ball flight be similar in height to a standard 7 iron ?

I'm hitting some decent shots impact wise, but the ball flight is lower and often to the right. Should I expect a standard ball flight as I keep on practicing with it or it's normal that the trajectory is lower with the TS vs my normal 7 iron ?

Thanks for clarifying...

Robert from Montreal !

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