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RE: Tour Striker Pro questions

Hi Bernie,


Thanks for your note and support of the TS. Geez, I don’t miss that kind of weather. That makes my bones ache just reading your e-mail.  I guess you don’t need a nose hair trimmer in that weather. Just take a deep breath and they all fall out!


I’m going to post a video on YouTube for you. I’ve had a couple of “indoor winter” practice questions lately, so a video will blanket a few requests and it’s a better learning medium.


Take great care, stay warm and I’ll get the video posted within a couple of days. It all depends on how my little ones do in their nighttime routine (raising kids, wow!).




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From: Bernie
Sent: Monday, December 14, 2009 10:28 AM
Subject: Tour Striker Pro questions


Hi Martin,


I just ordered the Pro version, based on your advice a few months back.  Its -38C here in Edmonton, so I'll be practicing indoors over the winter.  I'm a Winnipeg boy originally, and by coincidence I just received the George Knudson DVD that was shot in Bermuda.  I'm watching this video for an hour or two each week, as I think George had the best swing in golf.  With my DVD I can "stop, back, replay" small segments of the DVD repeatedly, and I've selected a 30 second segment that shows two of his swings, then repeats again and again.  Pure poetry, and I know you had a history with George. My motto will be George's "do nothing at the expense of balance in the swing".  I've totally ignored the finish position of the golf swing, and George says its as important as the setup.  So this is my mission this winter, a perfect balanced position after the swing, and a "forward press at ball contact".


I'm an 11.6 index, and my main problem has been "scooping" the ball.  So the Tour Striker is just what the doctor ordered.  I'd really like to be scratch in the next 2 or 3 years.  I know that's asking a lot....


Do you have a recommendation for indoor training with the Tour Striker Pro?  Basically all I can do is hit into a large screen that gives me data on ball speed, side spin, and tracks the distance of the ball and shape of the shot on a "virtual driving range".  This is in an indoor training facility in Edmonton called the "Golf Den".  The outdoor driving ranges don't open until early April up here, so I've got about 4 months of indoor training until then.  My home ceiling is only 8 ft. and at 6' 3" I can't swing indoors without denting the ceiling.  I guess I could take a few chip shots in my basement though...


So in a nutshell I plan to mimic George Knudson's swing as best I can, and using the tour striker get the last part of the puzzle, a "forward press" on my shots.  Any advice on what you think is the best way to do this indoors for the next 4 months?  Lastly does the Tour Striker address the driver swing at all, or impact it in any way?  I'm curious as the driver is obviously teed up, and a forward press may or may not be what we are looking for with this one club.  Any comments on the effect of the Tour Striker on the driver swing, pro or con?


Many thanks,




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