Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gripping The Club Correctly And Why Setting Up At Address Doesn't Guarantee You'll Arrive There!

Click the link to watch a video I shot for Revolution Golf.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!



  1. Martin,

    I received my Tour Strikers a couple of weeks ago, between a horrible cold and bad weather, I finally tried them out the last couple of days. I am VERY pleased with the tool. The first thing it taught me is that over the years my grip has become far too tight and with a death grip on the club it is very difficult to achieve proper contact. Once I worked this out, I am getting proper contact and trajectory 95% of the time. I do have a question, is it possible to hit it fat and still make good contact and trajectory? I am hitting off a good mat most of the time. A few shots struck off tight grass lies seems to show that the divot starts ever so slightly behind, this with a 56 degree.

  2. Martin, I received my 8 iron and wedge today - they got held up with Christmas deliveries. I went to the range and was amazed. It took me a while, but after a few minutes and thinking about physics, I started making good contact. I am still hitting too low on the face, but watched your video this evening and I think I will do better next time. Like the comment above, I am still a bit behind, but perhaps the quadrant drill will help me fix that problem. Thank you for what I think will be a very beneficial "positive" in my swing and game. Rand Lee