Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Matched Set?? No need....

Manufacturers love to sell you a "full set." Many promote a set make-up of 4 - SW of the same head style. I'm all for the "Game Improvement" style club from 8 - 5 iron, but in your shorter lofts, 60, 56, 52, 48 and 42 (or thereabouts), I like to see my students play wedges that have more performance options. Too often the game improvement wedge are one dimensional and don't allow for creativity around the greens. They assume you don't know what you are doing and thus can't manipulate the club for your needs. Professional wedges allow for manipulation to match the needs of the situation (open the face, handle back, etc). While you may not hit it "Bubba Far," you can be creative around the greens and "players" wedges will help even the highest handicap golfers have more shot variety around the green. Have fun!

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