Monday, September 28, 2009

Tour Striker Pro - Impact Questions?

Hi Mike,


Sorry for the delay and many thanks for purchasing the Tour Striker Pro!


Since I don’t know your ball striking skill, I’ll tell you my experience. If I arrive at impact correctly, I hit a shot that closely resembles the distance and trajectory of my Titleist 7-iron.


If I’m late and the low point of my swing is a little too far ahead of the ball (pro miss), I hit a knuckle ball that goes about 200+ yards. Since I don’t “flip” at it, I don’t hit ground balls. Generally, grounders are a result of being way too late or not steep enough. An attack angle that is not steep enough is typically a result of somebody trying to elevate or “flip” the ball into the air and the elevated leading edge produces a ground ball. However, I have seen some very steep “open face over the top” downswings that don’t have a chance at hitting the TS Pro correctly. They need to “fix the face” in relation to their arms and only then will they shallow out enough to get the club working on a suitable attack angle.


Can you cheat the club? Yes, a little. You see, to teach someone to welcome hitting the ground and take divots, the rounded sole allows the club to slide along the ground a little (fat shot with a normal club) and still elevate the ball with a forward leaning shaft. Is this cheating bad?  I don’t think so. People need to learn leverage and the ground (without the rounded Tour Striker sole) can be far too punishing.


Take care and keep me in the loop on your progress.



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From: Michael [mailto: com]
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To: Martin Chuck
Subject: Tour Striker Pro


Mr. Chuck -


I recently purchased a Tour Striker Pro.  I read about the club earlier this year in Golfworld and found the concept intriguing, but didn't pull the trigger until recently.


After working with it in two sessions I have a couple of questions I hope you can clear up.  I am trying to better understand what I should expect from the ballfight to make sure I am creating the correct position at impact.


1 - What is the typical ball flight of correctly executed shot?  I assume that one should get similar ball flight as one's regular 7-iron. 


2 - What is the typical ball flight of an incorrectly executed shot?  I have only topped it a few times.  It seems to me that my misses are low burners/knuckleballs that actually fly a decent distance and also run out.  It doesn't feel as bad as a blade with a standard club, but still not good.  From scanning your blog, this appears to be a "Pro" miss, correct?  Is there anyway to "cheat" and still get decent ballflight?


Thanks in advance from a former Oregonian.  I grew up in the Ashland/Medford area, but now live in Napa, CA.







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