Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RE: Tourstriker question?


Nice talking to you this morning. I appreciate the positive feedback.

The ideal location is about two groves up from the leading edge and there are two ways you can hit line drives with the Tour Striker or Tour Striker Pro:

1. You are a little too late (or steep) and the elevated leading edge hits the equator of the ball in route to low point (the ground). This is the "pro" miss.
2. You are too shallow and the club is on the way up and the leading edge catches the equator of the ball. Your swing could be too inside out.

Remember to get that elevated leading edge closer to the ground. Key points for that:

-Pivot moves the arms
-Arms move the club
-The centrifugal relationship delivers a lagging club (forward lean)
-This forward lean gets the TS or TSP in the right orientation to present loft.

Good luck and keep me posted on your success.


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Hi Stacey and Martin:

I am enjoying better ball striking thanks to your wonderful training aid. I
was the guy who called you in your truck when you were coming home from
Washington, to Bend - a few weeks ago.  I bought the then last TSP.  Sorry
to bother you.

My irons feel better and my angle of attack has improved.  I am learning to
control the lower trajectory, and the introduction of a draw to my shot

My question however is:  where do you want to strike the ball on the
Tourstriker Pro?  Is the optimal contact point "about 2 grooves from the
bottom of the TSP face" or "middle of the TSP face"?

While my irons (MP62s) have improved - my ball striking per se, with the TSP
has not really gotten any better than 20~30 foot "line drives".  Certainly
not the "regular shot trajectory" that some people seem to have.

Could you please let me know where the optimal place to strike the TSP
should be?  And what is the optimal shot shape with the TSP?

I am medium framed, 5'8" fairly athletic - my "old swing" I can usually hit
a high drop/stop approach with my 6 iron from 165 yards.  After the TSP I
can hit the club 170 but on a lower trajectory that hits and rolls several

Since I read some people saying that they hit the TSP like a normal shot - I
think I might be doing something incorrectly.

Thanks for your tips.  Love your invention.



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