Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FW: Dennis Breen sent you a message on Facebook...

Dennis sent you a message.

Re: Tour Striker

Hi Martin.

Many thanks for your message. I found out about your product through http://www.facebook.com/l/f5ae6;intheholegolf.com but bought it directly from ur website as I've had some issues with that particular website.

I am an eight handicapper who has always depended on a solid short game to make a score. Having always been a fan of Ben Hogan I studied his swing and instruction and found his belief of compression (done by a bowed left wrist) fascinating. I practised hard and something clicked. On the back of this I went through a period about two years ago for 3 months where I really nailed compression of the ball - it made my greens in reg stat very impressive indeed! As with golf the moment passed and have strived to get that feeling back - to no avail...........until now. Due to some very bad snowy icey weather i've only had one practice session with it and, after a few knuckleballs into the dirt, the first one I nailed recaptured that feeling from a few years ago. After one session I can say that it is the best swing training item I've used.

Can you let me know if you have any other practice aids on the horizon. Anything else you launch may reduce my 8 handicap lower again!!

Also I have to say that I enjoy your videos on youtube. Very good indeed. If u get an opportunity to post that infomercial you were filming up there let me know - be interested in having a look and recommending it to my friends.

Please keep in touch. Apologies in advance of any stupid questions I may send your way!!

Kindest regards.


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