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1.       Divots are a function of turf conditions, impact alignments, loft and speed. If you have the right alignments at impact, the speed of the club will cause the head to deflect off the ball and go into the ground (turf conditions). More loft, more deflection and the greater opportunity for divots. Depending on your speed, you’ll likely have divots from your 5 iron – SW. That said, some great players take divots (tiny ones) all the way up to the three wood. You don’t need divots, but the best players tend to take divots. Impact alignments are more important, like Tom Watson. He doesn’t really take divots, but has great impact alignments.

2.       Absolutely!!! Now keep in mind, your head is not going to move toward the target and forward shaft lean is really just insuring a true lever is going to collide with the ball. It’s great to feel the club working left past impact!




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Hi, I just received the tour striker and am looking forward to using it.I have 2 quick questions for you.First should you always be taking a divot with all of your irons ?

And last thing is should you also be promoting a forward shaft lean with your driver and hybrids ? I hope you can answer these for me.Thanks again 



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