Sunday, January 4, 2009

Drill - Strike the Match

The Tour Striker's elevated leading edge does not let you cheat when hitting balls. To get the "sweet spot" of the iron below the equator of the ball, you must strike the ball with adequate forward lean (more than 3 degrees) or your results will be poor.

STRIKE THE MATCH! Most of you have used traditional matches. To ignite the match, you drag the match tip across the rough surface to stimulate the flammable material. The match is leaning with the tip trailing. You would never consider "pushing" the match tip across the striking surface!

With your Tour Striker, make some 3/4 swings as though the club were a match stick and your are trying to light the club head on fire against the ground. Remember; try and get the leading edge of the Tour Striker as close to the ground as you can!

Good luck and please post your comments.

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