Saturday, January 3, 2009

Questions from a new Tour Striker

Dale from Pennsylvania:

"Martin, I went out today and I hit a bunch of shots that went very low and curved left to right. What am I doing wrong?"

That's why you bought the Tour Striker! It identifies flaws with your or any impact condition. Shots that do not fly far, high and true are being struck to some degree on the rounded leading edge of the club.

There is a big difference between "feel" and "real." Often we think we are striking downward on the ball with a forward leaning shaft, when in reality we are not.

Dale, keep plugging along and RELAX that leading edge of the Tour Striker training club as close to the ground as you can. You will present plenty of loft to the ball and hit high shots. Remember, the club has 36 degrees of loft, similar to most 8 or 7 irons with today's equipment.

Thanks for the comments!


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  1. Hi Martin

    I bought the tourstriker a couple of weeks ago but, because of the weather here, I only got to use it today. At first I couldn`t get the ball airbourne at all. However, I perservered and was eventually hitting high shots that went a fair distance. My main probelm with irons is hitting them fat. Today I didn`t feel that I was hitting the tourstriker fat. Does the fact that I was able to hit the the ball high with the tourstriker mean that I was coming in at the correct angle and does it mean that I wasn`t flipping. My shots felt solid enough but I wasn`t getting that nice "crack" that you hear reaaly good golfers get? Would it be possible to get the ball airbourne with the tourstriker and still hit it fat? Thanks. Arnold