Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tour Striker - Paul - Question about a "Lazy Pivot"


  1. Hi Martin,

    I appreciate you taking the time to do these videos!

    Do you have any specific drills that can be done indoors? For whatever reason, I flip when I try to really go at the ball. I know this is 100% wrong, but the move feels powerful to me. Even practicing indoors, it seems like a flip sneaks in when I least expect it. I get the skipping a rock visual, but wondered if there was something else you might recommend?

  2. Hello Nate,

    Another video post coming soon with drills for you.

    Question: Why do I flip when I "really" go at the ball?

    Answer: The golf swing is essentially a lever system attached to a power source (arms/club attached to the torso). The main reason the Tour Striker was created is to give golfers that want to improve the ability to train in the proper use of the lever and get great feedback.

    The flip when you "really go at one" is due to you overaccelerating the club in the downswing. What does that mean? Timing of the lever is sensitive. I see many amateurs add some right hand from the top of their swing (one potential cause) and it gets the club orbiting early. It feels strong to the golfer but not to the ball.

    I have a little saying I tell myself when I want to bomb a shot: I want to "Relax the crap out of this one.." The meaning: I want my pivot ot be aggressive while relaxing my hands and allowing the stress and natural release to occur. Mother nature can do it faster than you can!