Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tour Striker - Trent - Applying the concept to the driver


I received your TourStriker a few weeks ago and I have to say that it has really changed the way I hit my irons. I always used to throw the clubhead at the ball from the top and ended up casting and flipping big time. On video, my hands would be in front of my right thigh at impact and behind the ball.

Just a few solid shots with the TourStriker and now I know how it feels to have the hands ahead at impact. My wrists are much looser and it seems like my arms and hands are working faster through the impact zone, instead of stalling and flipping. I can totally feel the lag now. I also have the PBS (
Pure Ball Striker) and that has helped a little as well. The feeling was pretty easy to transfer over to my regular irons. Great training aid!

My problem is my driver. It seems that when I try to recreate the feeling of lag and fast hands, I leave the club face wide open and hit a huge slice. I'll then try to rotate my right hand over the left through impact and hit a duck hook.

I was wondering if you had a driver tip for someone like me who is going through these swing changes.

Trent "


Thanks for taking the time to send your comments about the Tour Striker. Your issues with the driver are very common and typically occur after a player has developed lag. The PBS is a great tool to help feel lag as well.

You are welcome to send a link/file of your swing if you would like further input.

Things to look out for:

1. Developing forward shaft lean is a great thing, but you need to pay attention to your swing path. When the clubs get longer, especially the driver, it is really easy to get your swing working too much inside to out.

2. Visually, you will have a hard time believing how "left" you have to feel like you swing longer clubs. Allow your pivot to square your face.

3. Never feel like your are "rolling" the right hand. That is a timing nightmare and let's squash that thought now.

4. As hard as this sounds, practice hitting your driver off the ground. You don't ever have to do it during a round, but it really helps develop great impact and path alignment habits.

Good Luck and thanks for being a member of the Tour Striker Family.


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