Monday, March 23, 2009

Tour Striker - Great Round

Wow! Great playing. Way to go; that is awsome.
Improving one's impact alignnments leads to better timing. That is a certainty.
Thanks for sharing your success with me and I appreciate the support of the TS.

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Again this maybe premature. I hope not and somehow doubt it.  I shot 74 today that is with two double bogies on the back nine.  I have been averaging between 79 and 85.  One additional feature not discussed with your training aid is timing.  I believe that it helps tremenduosly with the timing.  You have peaked my interest with your other product.  I am interested in it.  I have probably only hit 50 balls with your device.   I am sure that I will see greater improvement as I use it in the future.  Since you are a pro I am not sure if you appreciate the timing aspect of your training aid has to offer(since your timing is good).  My playing partner even notice a difference in my swing.  My Pro does not like training aids in general I believe he will like this one.  There is another training aid that I believe is revolutionary and that is the golden plane.  You should check it out if you can. Andre

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