Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tour Striker - Scott - Hooking the Tour Striker


My first attempts with the TS were topped, shanked, and toed off the the right. Working on more negative torque in the hands to keep the right wrist bent, I started to make pretty solid contact. I notice, however, that I get a pretty good draw out of the shots with a good eight iron trajectory. Does this mean that I need to weaken my grip, or is there some other swing mechanic I need to look at. I think Hank Haney says that hooks are due to a flat swing plane. Maybe I need to set up with the ball closer?



Hi Scott,

Thanks for your comments and questions.

I'm glad you worked out the shaft lean to achieve some decent results. Now we have to address the face issue. Obviously, the club face of the TS is hitting the outside half of the ball first. Thus the hook spin. Albeit counterintuitive, your swing path is likely too much inside out (flat as you mentioned) as golf balls curve away from the club head path. So.... feel like you are swinging more left, across your left leg, so the ball will work away from what feels like an outside in path.

Remember, feel and real are two different things and you don't have to make much of an adjustment once your figure out shaft lean and lag. It sounds like you are on your way!



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