Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tour Striker - Ray - How do I develope full swings??

Hello Martin,

I just received my tour striker the other day and had my first session with it this afternoon. My goal this season is to really improve my impact angles and ball striking. I also picked up the PBS and the Clampett book "The impact zone".

I have worked myself down to an 11 index but I guess I never realized how much of a "picker" I am until recently. So it took me quite a while until I hit a few good shots with the tour striker today. I also hit a big draw with it, but on the best struck shots they were straight.

My question is other than the 9 to 3 drill what other drills can I use to improve my impact angles other than hit a bunch of balls with the TS? It's kind of discouraging after 5 or 6 bad TS shots in a row. I did try the bunker drill to hit on the left side of the line and liked it.

When I hit pitch and wedge shots I have no problem taking a divot after the ball and making nice crisp contact. I think my biggest problem is trying to expand that into a full swing. Hopefully I can keep working with the TS and continue to improve.

Thanks for your time,


Hi Ray,

Thank you for buying the Tour Striker. The reason I made the Tour Striker is for folks just like you. I was frustrated bridging the gap from the solid pitch and punch shots to the full motion. I made the Tour Striker to help shorten the learning curve.

Obviously, there is a leak going on from your pitch/punch shots to your full swings. There are many ways to tackle this subject with many different opinions. I'll post a video later to give you a mental image of what has worked for other Tour Strikers.

I like your "course of action" thus far. Stay tuned for video explanation.

Ray, I hope the video clip answers some questions for you. There are a lot of elements that I have not included and I could go on for a long time. I welcome your further questions.




  1. Hi Martin,

    I look forward to your video. Thanks again for your time.


  2. My pleasure! I would have done it last night, but I had a cranky 2 y/o to settle down!

  3. Martin,

    Thank you for the video explanation. Having some type of mental picture such as having the feeling of the leading edge scrape the ground truly helps. As soon as we get some better weather I will be out on the range with the Tour Striker.

    I'll let you know how it goes.