Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fat shots, deep divots

Thanks for your note. I'm glad you are progressing. By your description I'm going to guess that your ball is too far back in your stance. All shots except your driver should be played under the logo on your shirt (left chest). The low spot in your swing (bottom of your divot) should be under your left shoulder joint, thus a ball played 3-4" or so to the right of that point works great for irons and lofted woods. You can move the 3-wood and driver up toward the low point. It's pretty hard to take really deep divots if the ball is in the right place.
 The other culprit could be path? You may be too outside to in through the ball, but your account doesn't suggest this being the case.
I caution you about starting with forward shaft lean at address. A couple of degrees is okay, but any more will add to your challenges. Our goal is to have the club naturally lag, trail in the right sequence, which puts it in a forward leaning condition naturally.
Send a video when you can and good luck,

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My swing path is getting fairly dialed in. I am hitting shots much straighter. I have started moving my hands a bit forward in the address position in an attempt to get better compression on the strike, and I would say generally that is helping.

My biggest problem right now is that 75% of the time my shots are fat. Sometimes VERY badly (can hardly follow through because the club is stuck coming through the dirt).

Could you give me some general swing thoughts for how to stop digging so much?


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