Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Exchange for a Tour Striker 8 Iron


Happy Father's Day!

I'm happy to swap out the club, but give it a chance! One session is not practice....

To quote a character off Saturday Night Live, "You can do it..."

Hang in there for five more sessions and then contact me. I'll bet your striking and overall game will take on a more pleasing tone. You can always use a tee for a while to gain some confidence.



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From: Jimmy Chung [mailto:Jimmy..com]
Monday, June 22, 2009 11:00 AM
To: info@tourstriker.com
Subject: Exchange for a Tour Striker 8 Iron

Hi Martin,

My wife purchased me the Tour Striker Pro (7 Iron) for Father's Day and I had a chance to hit several balls w/ it at the range over the weekend. I was actually surprised I got a few of those balls in the air!

 The leading edge is a bit too aggressive for my playing level. I think the 8 iron might help me w/ my training a bit better.

 Anyways, I was wondering if I can exchange the Pro for the standard Tour Striker. The TS Pro has hit about 10 balls max. No scratches or anything like that. Just ball marks, which can be rubbed out and cleaned.

 Let me know. Thanks.





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