Friday, February 19, 2010

RE: Tour Striker Pro

Ken, that’s great news! Thanks for sharing. That’s EXCELLENT distance for a newbie. I’m sure you’ll get better TS Pro results soon enough, but it’s great to see it carry over to your “play” clubs.




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Thanks for responding. If I ever get to the far northwest , I will come to your course. I will tell you one thing, even if I struggle hitting the tour striker pro at the range. (I still have a very small flip of the club which is giving my problems with the tour striker pro)   My iron shots are the best ever. I have gained 11 yards per iron with alot less effort. My 6 iron carry is 176 yards now. Not bad for a 43 year old who just took up the game three years ago.  My instructor was so impressed with my gains, he ordered a Tour Striker last week for his other students.




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Hi Ken,


Thanks for ordering a Tour Striker. I appreciate the support. I'm sorry you are struggling with the TS Pro. It is meant to be hard so you have to work at getting your impact alignments in the right place. It certainly is frustrating.


I am going to post a video for you on YouTube. Hopefully the weather in Bend, Or, supports an outdoor session.


In the short term, tee the ball up a tiny bit. I'm talking 3/16". Soon you won't need a tee and you'll be able to hit it off a cart path:)


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I purchased the tour striker pro and have been working with it for couple of months now. I can only hit 1 out of 5 balls correctly. Most of the shots are line drives down the center. Do you think using a tour striker would be better or keep working with the pro model.




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