Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RE: Help me understand!

Hi Hector,

Thanks for your support of the TS Clubs. I sincerely appreciate it.

Letting go in competition is a difficult task and one that needs
dedication and understanding. The biggest thing that will allow you to
flow is understanding routine and how through dedication to routine you
will go into "auto pilot."

With that, you need to practice your shots as though you are on the
course and go through your routine. I'll post a video on my YouTube
Channel with my routine and why and how I go about it...it will make
some sense.

Once you practice this, it MUST be done every time to precision. It
might even get in your way a little, but after a while, a few weeks of
on course effort and in a few events, it will become a part of your
natural motion and your nerves won't be such a big deal.

Great question and I look forward to shooting the video for you.

Take care,

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Hi martin! I bought three tour strikers and these are the best
training aids I have ever used, I'm a one handicap and I have a
problem on competitive tournaments letting my swing flow or letting it
go, is it trust in my swing or is it a mental problem how can i work
to fix this problem that I think is holding me back from getting to
the next level, do you have any suggestions, to get a response from
you would be incredible but I'm praying that I do! Thank you again for
such great product and also that great instructional video. Thank
sincerely yours Hector Carvajal. Email is

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