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Brian, thanks for the kind words. I'm glad the DVD has helped you and that the TS Pro is making a positive difference in your game. That question comes up a lot. The grip should be based around impact and that goes for the driver as well. You want the hands to support the blow. Hitting level or slightly up on the driver is great and the difference between down and up is fractional. Think about a clock; five minutes on a clock face is thirty degrees but the feel is very different, even for two degrees! The long drivers hit up on the ball, the equivalent of "1-minute" or 5-6 degrees. The PGA Tour is about level, even a degree downward.


Net answer: use your new grip and new feels and I bet you hit longer more compressed drives. Don't try and hit up or down.


Thanks for your support!


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Just wanted to drop you an email and thank you for the Tour Striker Pro.  I've been using it for a few practice sessions now and I'm really starting to see an improvement in ball striking.  I did have one question.  I thought the grip section on your DVD was invaluable.  I didn't realize that I was not setting my hands correctly for impact.  Made a huge difference and allowed me to start hit the Tour Striker Pro right away.  My question is around the driver grip.  Should it be the same since I'm catching the ball on the upswing as opposed to hitting down on the ball?  I'm a little hesitant when I grab the big dog now that I've made a grip improvement.


Thanks for a great product and I wish you much success.



Bristol, CT

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