Monday, August 29, 2011

Re: George Knudson tribute DVD

Dear John, thanks for the kind words. George was a special guy and I was extremely fortunate to have spent quality time with him.

I'm presently in Toronto playing in a tourney at the same club where I spent most of my time w George. I'll be in touch in a couple of days.


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    Your George Knudson tribute DVD was excellent. I spent many hours watching George play in the '70's in New Orleans at Lakewood C.C. in the New Orleans Open - it really brought back memories of his great techinique and ballstriking. I could tell that this DVD was a labor of love on your part. I really did not expect to see the volume of detail you went into regarding the lessons you received from George. I too wanted to take lessons from George in the late 80's and sent him a long letter (via Lorne Rubenstein) reminiscing about the rounds I'd seen him play. Tragically, George was critically ill at the time and could not particpate in the lessons that I dreamed of years before. He did have Lorne write me a very thoughtful reply (that I still have as a keepsake...)
    Since I probably will not be able to take part in the Tour Striker academies until Spring of next year, I'm wondering if you offer Internet lessons. If so, please let me know the details regarding cost, filming angles, etc. Thanks again for the great video on George.
John Mule'
Baton Rouge, LA.

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