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Re: Had to Comment on Tour Striker - Martin Chuck

Dear Jeff,

Thanks so much for the kind note. I'm thrilled that you are enjoying the TS and have seen a big change in your game. Keep up the good work and stay in touch!


Martin Chuck, PGA
Tour Striker Training Equipment

From: Jeffry B
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 14:31:25 -0700 (PDT)
To: "support@tourstriker.com" <support@tourstriker.com>
Subject: Had to Comment on Tour Striker - Martin Chuck

I started playing golf about 9 years ago or so.  Never really took lessons until I had played for a while and then only a few (not recommended).  I thought I was emulating a two plane swing.  Got to the mid 90's or so and just couldn't make any more progress.  In addition, I just couldn't understand why my shots were always much shorter than others I played with.

My brother mentioned to me that it looked like I had the tendencies of a one plane swing which he had switched to.  He is basically a scratch golfer so I asked him to teach me the one plane swing.  I have been working with him for about a year.  He kept telling how important the grip was and that I needed to feel that lag in my grip but I just couldn't seem to get the feel.  I was always to handsy in my shots but just couldn't feel it.

After purchasing the Tour Striker 8 iron recommended for high handicappers I watched the video very carefully several times.  Besides all the other excellent information Martin has on the video I was particularly struck by the description of the feel of the lag.  Martin's statement to have your eyes on the ball and your mind in your grip is right on.  It was exactly what my brother has been trying to get through my head.  I also watched the section on grip several more times and can simply not believe the difference that it has made to build the grip from the impact position up rather than from the stance position.  This has had an enormous impact on hitting the ball much more consistently, on target, and with the correct impact position.  

I took the Tour Striker to the back yard and hit plastic golf balls with it for a few days.  I then took it to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls just before a round of golf, alternating between hitting a few with the 8 iron Tour Striker and my Ping K15 8 iron.

I can not put into words the dramatic difference this has made in the very, very short time I have had it (about a week).  I went to the driving range today and practiced some more with the Tour Striker, again alternating between the Tour Striker and, this time, my Ping K15 7 iron.  After I would get consistent hitting the Tour Striker well I would switch to my 7 iron.

I have been normally hitting my 7 iron roughly 130 to 140 yards at best.  Today I was hitting it between 165 to 175 yards.

Martin states that it is all you can do to pivot your core and hold on to the lag in your grip/club.  By focusing hard and doing this there is an added bonus.  Your core is trying to out race your hands to keep the lag pressure and it is almost impossible to end up on your right leg (reverse pivot).  It forces you to follow through and end up with your weight on your left leg.  In addition, as he mentions, you don't get the feel that you are swinging as fast but you are swinging with abandon because your core is turning hard to keep in front of your hands.  Feels slower but hits much harder!!!

WOW.  Just had to tell you that this has got to be the best thing I have ever done for my golf game.  Looking forward to working with it more and improving my game.

Jeff B
Kansas City, MO

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