Monday, August 22, 2011

Re: Fantastic Club

Tracy, sincere thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with the Tour Striker. I'm glad it has changed how you perceive striking a ball. That was my goal from the onset! 

Keep up the good work and I hope you are kicking your buddies behinds in no time!!


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First, thank you for coming up with such a simple idea that produces huge results.  I've always played pretty decent and in my group of a few golfing friends was the best of the bunch, but I suck!  Not really, but having up and down summers of playing & practicing over the past 10 yrs I had tinkered my way to the point of no return and utter confusion. 
I picked up a TS out of a demo bag of a retailer and hit a few balls off the mat...I was sold without even knowing what was suppose to happen, it just seemed to click in my mind.  I bought my TS Pro about 1 1/2 month ago, used it at the range a couple of times, got too busy to play or practice until last, what a difference the TS & video make.  In just 4 rounds and some very methodical practice sessions I'm completely in love with The Tour Striker.  To hit balls flush, pure whatever anyone wants to call it changes the way you think about playing.  I don't know if there's ever been a time where a topped ball produced a sly grin on my face instead of a mutter of "what the hell was that?" as it has recently, knowing what the hell caused it now changes the perspective considerably. 
I was very fortunate to attend the final round of the 93rd PGA Championship. While there I was on the ropes of several tee boxes and zoned in on the players hands at address, ball position and trying hard to get a quick glimpse of their impact position...with that said, you are 200% correct on your references to these positions between Pros' and us hackers.
In my opinion there should not be a junior golfer swinging anything but this club at the range, think about how much better the average golfer would be if this club was a prerequisite for a summer or a kid I would have taken to this club instantly.  Not to mention the instructional DVD is worth the price of the club alone.  I've started recommending it to a few friends but almost wanna keep the secret to myself selfishly.
My only wish is a lie board was included because these are so hard to track down and people think you've lost your mind for wanting to practice off one. 
Incredibly Grateful Customer,
Chattanooga Tn.

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