Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tour Striker - Jason - Question about trajectory and range mats


I received my Tour Striker last week and started working with it and have some questions. I'm wondering exactly what the ball flight should look like when the Tour Striker is hit well. Most times I get a decent level of height (around an 8-iron as you state) and distance (somewhere around a normal 8-iron). Of course, my pattern is usually off either left or right. Sometimes I hit the Tour Striker and it goes dead at where I'm aiming and flies about 180 yards, which is how far I can hit my 7-iron on an optimal day, but the ball flight is pretty low. Is this a thin shot? Also, will hitting off of mats affect the ability of the Tour Striker to give me accurate feedback?



Hello Jason,

As you know, the Tour Striker has 36 degrees of loft. Today's lofts are "all over the yard." A club with 36 degrees of loft is yesterdays 7-iron and the modern 8-iron. You may find that you can hit it slightly farther than your current 8-iron as your 8-iron may be 38 degrees. If you do hit a shot that has a flat flight and flies much farther than normal, you have mishit the Tour Striker ever so slightly on the "Pro" side of thin. Poor amateur players hit the ball on the way up and hit it thin. Better players hit the ball "late" on the way down. Both issues result in a thin strike. The Am's that hit the ball on the way up, will always top the ball with the Tour Striker. You are not doing that, so congratulations!

As for your second question; hitting off firm mats with the Tour Striker is great practice and will help you refine your impact alignments as you seek quality strikes. Be cautious of the fluffy mats. They may let you get under the ball a little and cheat the intent of the club.

Thanks for your question and good luck with your impact alignments!


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