Monday, February 16, 2009

Tour Striker - Arnold - Fat Shots

Hi Martin

I got the tour striker a couple of weeks ago but, because of the weather here in Northern Ireland, I only managed to get out with it yesterday for the first time. I also went out today.

My iron play is not very good - I have a tendency to hit most shots fat. When I first started using the TS, I couldn't get the ball airborne at all. However, I persevered and eventually managed to get good height and fair distance. Does the fact that I got good height on the ball mean that I was coming in at the correct angle?

Also, I scored a line across the ground and placed each ball on the line - similar to your bunker drill. I found that I was getting most of my divots to the left of the line - I am right handed. In other words, I was hitting the ground after the ball or, at least, the same time as the ball. So that`s an improvement. However, I cannot seem to get that nice Cracking sound that I hear good ball strikers get. Will this come in time?

I took my 6-iron out with me and did the following routine - I hit 5 shots with the TS, and then hit 2 shots with my 6-iron to try and transfer my new ball-striking skills to my regular clubs but I found that I was still hitting my 6-iron fat. The TS shots were fine. In fact, I was hitting the TS as far, and sometimes farther, than the 6-iron. Any suggestions there?

Many thanks,


Hello Arnold,

I'm sure the weather in Northern Ireland is a little rough this time of year! Being a transplanted Canadian, I understand your issues!

The TS has been designed with a lot of bounce so you can learn to hit the ball with a forward leaning shaft while the club doesn't dig and take big divots. It is likely you are hitting fat shots with the TS and getting away with the subtle miss. When you go to your club you catch the turf before the ball. THIS WILL SUBSIDE!!

You are doing great if you can land "left of the line" when hitting balls. You are already on the right path. While testing golfers with the TS, it was fairly common for golfers to start getting good results with the TS and then chunk their own clubs. You can clearly see the benefits of striking the ball with a forward leaning shaft and know you will refine your striking. It happens naturally but here is a little tip:

While looking at the ball during your swing, see the landing spot left of the ball with your peripheral vision. Have the sense that your club is going to land in that peripheral place rather than under the ball.

I have this feel all the time when hitting balls. It's almost like I see the divot before it happens.

The "cracking" sound you desire? RELAX your wrists and let mother nature let the club seek its in line condition. Strong fingers and supple wrists allow the club to "throw out" with maximum speed. My old coach, George Knudson, said, "You have to give up control to gain control." Man, it took me a long time to figure that one out....

Good luck and report back,



  1. It's funny because I sometimes think that I'd love to replace my whole bag with a set of Tour Strikers! And I think I read someone else say the say thing.

  2. That's funny. Not many people know this, but Moe Norman ground 3/16" of an inch, on a 45 degree angle, on his irons! Interesting???