Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tour Striker - Arny - Using the Tour Striker during his round!

Hi Martin,
Just an update. I played 18 holes today and actually put the tour striker in my bag as a playing club. It was my favorite club all day. I was hitting it a mile! Wouldn`t mind a full set of these!
Only problem was at the start when I was using it as my 8-iron - it was way longer than my old 8-iron. Closer to 6-iron distance. I`m still fatting shots with my regular clubs but hopefully that will disappear shortly.
Hi Arny,
Good story. Your 8-iron may be 38 degrees, rather than 36 like the TS. Club lofts are all over the map these days and aren't consistent among manufacturers. My designer recommend the 8 iron:36 degree relationship, when in actuality it is more like a 7-iron. I've had a lot of people say they hit the TS farther.
As you are learning, shaft lean delofts the club and makes it stronger. Lifting, picking and scooping adds loft, makes the club weaker and diminishes the benefit of your grooves.
The fat shots will go away! Remember, address and impact are different places.
Thanks for sharing,


  1. Hi Martin,

    Where is the ball position in the setup to achieve optimum contact with the tour striker and the regular clubs in general.

    Is it the same position for all the irons?

  2. I'm a fan of keeping the ball in the same location for all shots played on the ground.

    I like the ball an inch or two inside the left heel.

    The reason: The center of the swing, while moving about, is the left shoulder socket, not the sternum. The club SHOULD be heading down and out to a point below the center (left shoulder). If we play the ball too far back, say toward center, we have to manipulate our aim and plane lines too much to compensate.

    Play the driver off the heel and RIP IT!

    Thanks for your question.