Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tour Striker - Ray - Comment about divots!

Hi Martin,

First of all thank you for such a great product, it is the first
training aid I have used, and gave me instant feedback to how I was
striking the ball and how I SHOULD be striking the ball, I guess I was
probably flipping it , now I am hitting it crisply and gained a few
yards with all my irons, it took me a while to get it up in the air, but
now I am getting a much better ball flight , the question I want to ask
is about divots, With the Tour Striker I don't take a divot just a
scrape and now my irons from 9 up I also only scrape the turf (I used to
take divots) does this mean I may still be flipping it a little ? ball
flight is good and distance a little more than before, so I am not
complaining ha ha !!

Also, I have started practices sessions with the Tour Striker first
chipping and pitching then a few full swings then alternate between The
Tour Striker and my PW up to 5 iron, do you think this is a good way to
practice or maybe some other way,
Thanks again
Ray (Australia)
Hi Ray,
You are the only person on the Continent of Australia with the Tour Striker!! Kinda funny. We've shipped about 250 now (primarily US and Canada) with about 20 going to Europe, 1 to Hong Kong and YOU, down in Oz!
I think you are off to a great start! The TS won't take divots as it does not have a sharp leading edge and really only presents "bounce" to the ground. As you say, it only scrapes the ground.
I'm trying to read between the lines here, and my educated guess is that you have flattened out your swing a little (a good thing btw). If you could not hit the TS before and can hit it crisply now, you have refined your impact alignments and since you have transferred that over to your irons, that is positive. You don't need to take divots although they will typically occur with your short irons.
If you are able, send me a couple clips of your swing. If you need a server to upload them, I'll send you my link.
Thanks for your business.
Take care,

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