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Follow up question on Manning's question

Tim, good question.
We can all lose focus on the true nature of golf; to SWING the club. The key being to swing in the correct sequence so we have great impact alignments.
If we break down a swing to its simplest form, a stick representing the left arm and a stick representing the club,  bound the two with a loop of twine (wrists), that would be it.
We have to learn to move the left arm in such a way as not to "over accelerate" the golf club. It sounds like you are delivering an on-plane forward leaning shaft with an open face (hopefully the club is swinging!). So, let's get to fixing that face.
A clubface can open three ways: it can be open in your hands before you swing (bad grip), it can open too much on the backswing (over rotation of the left arm or cupping the left wrist), or you can do the same on the downswing.
Another hint: you can strike it squarely during short shots. That leads me to believe that you cup your wrist at the top of your swing.
"Look, Look, Look," to quote Ben Doyle; during your fuller swings, make sure you destroy the wrist relationship that provides straight shots on your half swings. It's tough on full shots, the club goes out of sight and you lose awareness of your hands...
"look, look, look"
If you can stop and look at your hand/wrist conditions at the top of your swing, you shouldn't be able to see your wedding ring!
Good luck,
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After purchasing the Tour Striker, I went out and picked up a copy of Bobby Clampett’s book, The Impact Zone. I am only halfway through it, but I am trying to utilize the technique of aiming in front of the ball. But, I am finding that this is also delaying the rolling over of my wrists, leading to a slice (not a pull slice, ball starts straight and then ends up too far right).


Now, I will say, the rolling over of my wrists has always been a bit of a problem for me. I tend to grip the club too tightly and also have a tendency to try to “hit” at the ball. I do know the correct feel, and if I rehearse the wrist roll with a practice swing or two, then step up and say hit a half or ¾ shot, there is a good chance my ball will go dead straight. Or perhaps even draw a little. But, I find it much harder to do from a full swing.


Any suggestions? More half swing practice?







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