Sunday, July 26, 2009

Question about the Tour Striker

Hello Manny,
I'm old enough to remember a lot of Toski's teachings and I remember his talking about the left arm. He did want the left arm leading; he warned about the right arm (usually the stronger and dominant) taking over and casting the club.
It take a lot of ingredients to bake a good cake and we can have a bunch of different cakes by changing the ingredients a little. The golf swing is that way too. Subtle changes with the grip make the body react differently.
So, to answer your question, I think there is some pulling and some pivot. Not just one, a combination of them both, but give the importance to pivot.
To deliver a descending club head, the club head has to lag behind a pivot and RELAXED hands. The hands won't relax if they know they are going to deliver the face in the wrong position (open or closed). Your brain, via your hands, will adjust and that adjustment is where 95% of golfers go wrong.
Address and impact are worlds apart and it's vital to find a grip that allows the pivot and arms to deliver a lagging club to the ball with a square face.
Regarding the difference between the TS and the TS PRO, the PRO requires more precision at impact to get a positive result. The TS is for beginners and mid handicappers. The PRO is for better players and dedicated practicers who don't mind the extra challenge.
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From: Manny & Pat Shed []
Sent: Sun 7/26/2009 12:57 PM
Subject: Question about the Tour Striker

When you hit any shot,are you using a body release or are you pulling
through with the lead arm? I took lessons 30 years ago from Bob Toski(golf
digest)school & he advocated the left arm leading.Any advice on the above
matter woulg be appreciated. Thank You  Manny 

PS:  I just heard of your product on a golf website
Also dofference in tour stiker & pro model?

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