Friday, July 24, 2009

Tour Striker - Arny - TS PRO Comments

Hi Arny,


Sorry for the delay, I've been buried with work and kids!


I'm excited about your progress! The TS PRO is pretty finicky. I hit a bag of balls two days ago and warmed up with the TS PRO. I flushed about 8 in a row. Perfect yardage, height, no curve. I was patting myself on the back, "man, I've got this dialed." Then I hit my 7-iron; those were pure too. Being all cocky I went back to the TS PRO and was quickly reminded how important delivery, tempo and timing is...  I was late on a couple shots (pro side of thin) and caught a bit of the radius and the balls flew 200 yards (normal 7-iron is about 175 where I live). No good. While late delivery works fine with mid and high lofted irons, it isn't good for low lofted clubs, cause you hit it too low (simple enough).


I think you may be catching a bit of the radius on some of those really "long" shots. Either way, it would still be a good strike with normal clubs. The TS PRO is pretty punishing and points out a lot of things about your path, face and angle of attack.


Keep me posted on your progress,




From: Arny  [mailto:arny……]
Sent: Wed 7/22/2009 12:05 PM

Hi Martin
Quick update and a question.  Still making fantastic progress in my golf game thanks to the TS Pro.  So much so that I have stopped using the 3 rescue clubs that I had in my bag.  I don`t need them now because my irons shots are so good!  I noticed that in a previous post, Wes had asked you about fat shots.  I had a problem with fat shots before I bought the TS and I remember asking you about it at the time.  You told me to persevere with the TS and the fat shots would disappear.  Well, they certainly did, and I would now offer the same advice to Wes. The fat shots will definitely disappear. My question is this :  I hit the TS Pro really well about 70% of the time, and just the other day I hit it about 170 yards, which is really good for me (although there was a slight breeze behind me).  I hit my ordinary 7 iron about 155 yards, even though it is about an inch or so longer than the TS Pro.  Why would this be?  I would have thought that, with the longer shaft, I would be able to hit it further than the TS Pro. 

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