Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shots - Way Right

Hi Manning,
Thanks for the positive comments and support. Stacey and I appreciate it. It has been a fun and sometimes frustrating project.
Regarding your miss to the right; does the ball curve farther to the right or simply go straight right?
If it is a matter of straight right, you have a path issue. The face and path are matched up, thus no curve. If it starts right and curves right, you have a face issue.
The ball will always start where the face is aiming and work away from the path. So, if it is path, you can practice with some obstacles to increase your awareness. My favorite is a simple cardboard club box. Place it parallel to the path between your toes and the ball. Give yourself a little clearance (about 1") from the shaft and hit shots. Start slowly at first. You shouldn't hit the box on the way down. If you punish the box, you have a path issue. If you can miss the box, hit the ball and still hit it to the right, you clearly have a club face issue. If you have a face issue, you'll need to pay attention to your grip and wrist conditions during your swing. It's either a grip that doesn't provide a square face (with a forward) leaning shaft, or a wrist condition that applies an open face.
I hope this helps you out. Let me know your progress.
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Stacey and Martin:

First of all, let me say that not only do you have a very fine product - I
have the utmost respect for your entrepeneurial spirit with what appears to
be a young family. I have a young family as well (kids 2 and 6) and my wife
and I operate a small web business out of our home.

Anyway, I just know first hand the type of effort this kind of undertaking
requires - so from a one fellow entrepeneur to another - congrats on what I
am confident has been a successful venture.  I can tell you that your brief
hand-written note on a small card inserted with my tour striker was very
impressive. That is an excellent idea, and again I was just impressed by
that personal touch as a customer.

Now. To the golf issue. It goes without saying that you, along with Bobby
Clampett, and the Pure Ball Striker folks, are really onto what I believe is
the heart of improving people's ballstriking.

Despite my own ball striking being much improved (solid) I have had a
consistent miss that has been discouraging and has sometimes caused me to
stray off path - and that is to the right. Sometimes a manageable miss to
the right. Sometimes off-the-earth right.

Intuitively this makes some sense based on this notion of hands-forward,
descending, divot-taking impact position (steep?), and I'm hoping perhaps it
is a common miss with some familiar fixes.

What is sort of counter-intuitive are Clampett's comments on what the
pressure on that middle joint (grape-crushing, PBS) of the index achieves -
and that is impact at the bottom right quadrant of the "sugar cube" or
impact from the inside, which should cause a miss to the left if anything.

Regardless of all the theories and sugars cubes and physics and whatnot -
though I seem to strike the center of the club face more often than I use
to, I continue to miss it right, and I'm hoping that perhaps this a common
miss after using your product or applying the theories of PBS or bobby
clampett's - one that you may have some common fixes for.

Thanks ahead of time for any help.


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