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Well I got my tour Striker on Thursday and hit the range on Friday with it. have to say that I am impressed with it. after only 3 swings I connected and hit a nice draw at my normal 7 iron distance. after hitting a couple of good ones I had my wife try it. I know the club was not set up for her as it is a little longer and the wrong flex shaft but I figured what the heck. let me give you a little background on my wife's golf game. . she hits the driver long and straight with a nice high draw , putts and chips well. where she has struggled for the last couple of years is her irons, she has lost at least one club distance wise and maybe two in the irons from just a couple of years ago ( when she was striking the ball well but her chipping putting held her from shooting lower scores ) she tends to sweep the ball or hit behind it with the irons , resulting in lost distance . I have had people tell her her swing looks like Michelle Wie with less power. we have tried a bunch of drills to get her to take divot after the ball and nothing has helped her feel the proper descending strike. well here goes nothing , my wife steps up with the tour striker and as I feared ( due to her casting issue ) hits 8 poor shots that were worm burners. she then stopped dead in the middle of her next swing and turned to me with a smile . I asked her what she was smiling about after hitting 8 bad ones in a row .... she said she figured out why she was sweeping instead of hitting down on it. she took 2 practice swings beside the ball to try her swing thought . the next swing was a thing of beauty as I heard ball first , divot and watched a nice draw come off the club. she proceeded to hit a few good ones ( 3 or 4 ) in a row. I told her to hit her own 6 iron ( which by the way she hates as it gives her the most trouble) she picks up her own 6 iron and hits a nice draw that looked perfect. I asked her on a scale of 1 to 10 what was that first swing ? .... she said a 15 LOL ! after 2 more 6 irons that had a nice draw she moved to her 8 iron and the shot pattern had the same nice high draw. she then hit more balls with the the tour striker hitting a few bad ones with some good ones ( after each one saying I know what I did wrong and hitting the next one fine ) I have to honestly say that may have been one of the best range sessions ever for her irons . the only complaint that I have is that I may now have to sneak my tour striker out of my wife's bag as it seems to have found a home there ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . sorry for the long post but I bought the tour striker hoping to get my iron game back and as it turns out it may have helped my wife out more than me. as I sat on the steel range bucket flipped upside down and watched her hit , I felt a sense of pride and well being. to end my review I do have to say that I hit my last 8 irons shots well , switching between my iron , 5 iron and gap wedge. my wife also hit her 6 iron ( after I convinced her to put the tour striker away ) to finish the range session hitting some nice iron shots. with continued practice with the tour striker to ingrain the proper feeling I would say that most golfers would benefit from this training aid. hope this review does not sound too over the top and full of you know what but this was our experience with the tour striker yesterday. to me it helps you feel the correct move into the ball and your body will figure out out how to get there. the dvd was clear and you broke down and demonstrated the segments of the swing and their order of importance. my bother lives near Seattle Washington, would love to hit you up for a lesson next time I am out that way. thank you again for making a tool that works , if you take the time and put some effort into it.

That is AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing...



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