Friday, July 2, 2010

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Andy, thanks for the note and support. I'm glad I could make a positive impact on your golf game. Keep working hard and enjoy yourself. Come visit if you ever get out to Bend, Oregon. Tetherow is awesome!




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Subject: YouTube videos


Hi Martin,


I just wanted to give you a little feedback to the progress I have made with my swing.  I have been watching your YouTube videos, in conjunction with practicing with the Tour Striker Pro, and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal!  All in less than two weeks.


I have incorporated a mid body hands position in my set up, and practicing the Tour Striker Sand Drill has not only helped me quickly ingrain the proper feel for learning this new hand position, it has really helped improve my bunker game. Yesterday, I hit 18 of 20 sand shots that were (for me) perfect. I had one a little too thin that went way long and one that was fat and didn't get out. But the rest popped right out of the sand, nice and high with spin, and landed softly.  Like most amateurs, bunkers have been the bane of my golf game for a while. No longer!


Your Clubface Square at Address?? video was also extremely helpful.  I had been fighting a hook for a while, and felt (erroneously) that most of the problem was my tendancy to grip the club with a closed face.  So, I would try and make sure I gripped the club with the face square at address. Since I used to address the ball with "impact hands" I was really having difficulty making solid contact. Now I know why I would always hit my most solid shots when I worked on an intentional draw. I would close the clubface and aim a little to the right and hit the ball very solidly. Apparently, I was instinctively doing what you recommend in the video.  


I still find that I can get an occasional big hook.  However, I now know that if I focus on swinging to the target, and make sure I get a good coil in my backswing, the ball goes in the direction I want with a nice little draw.


Thanks so much for the great training tool and all of the excellent information.  I can honestly say that, thanks to you, I am hitting the ball better than I ever have in my life, and have easily added 10-20 yards to every club in the bag. 


Even more exciting is that my swing seems much more effortless and the trajectory of my shots is now similar to what I have observed (and envied) from better players.

Evanston, IL

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