Monday, August 16, 2010

FW: Question on Divot From Swinging the Tour Striker Pro

Hello Jim,


So sorry for the delay! I am catching up from a family vacation. Thank you for your support.


Don’t worry about a divot with the TS Pro. The leading edge is so high, it won’t ever get into the ground. You will simply “smear” the grass. If you expose dirt, that’s fine.


The “sweet” spot on the TS is only a grove above the elevated leading edge. It’s not in the center of the TS face. It’s sounds like you are doing just fineJ


I’m glad you like the club!




From: Jim
Subject: Question on Divot From Swinging the Tour Striker Pro
Could you please pass this along to Mr. Chuck? Thanks.
Mr. Chuck,
 Thank you for inventing this club! My teaching pro in Ohio told me about the Tour Striker, and I immediately ordered one after my lesson with him. I spend 75% of my practice time hitting this club (the Tour Striker Pro) exclusively. Its helping me to address the main swing flaw I have - hitting it too thin.
 I have a question: should my goal be to create the same size divot with the
 Tour Striker Pro as I do with my other clubs? Obviously it has a lot of bounce and a small sweet spot. Even when I appear to hit the Tour Striker Pro
 well (i.e., good ball flight and solid impact sound), I still find it difficult to take more than just a small amount of turf. Often times its just a scrape of grass (as opposed to the dollar bill-sized divot I would take with my other clubs). Occasionally, I'll have a nice divot with my Tour Striker Pro shots, but its still fairly rare. Is this something I should strive for, or should I expect to take a smaller divot with my Tour Striker Pro club?
 (I also notice from the marks on my Tour Striker Pro club that most if not
 all of my shots are on the lower half of the clubface, not really in the sweet spot of the club. Something I need to work on as well!)
 Thanks again for the club. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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