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RE: Tour Striker believer

Hi Ken,


Sorry for the delay! I’ve been slammed at my day jobJ Give me a call and I’d be happy to explain “axis tilt.”




Martin Chuck



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Thanks again for your training aid. Best around. I do have two questions for you. I have created a problem  I am having trouble with hooking the ball. The ball will leave straight at the target line and than curve to the left ( Right Handed golfer). I was searching through youtube for your help sessions and ran across the one you gave Mike- In your video you showed how that hitting to far inside to out that you hit out on the toe. To correct it - I was trying to swing more and more to the right. I would like for you to go over the reason why it is out on the toe  - I was hitting wonderful long shots and this rascal showed up out of no where. Below I think I have the answer but would like your thoughts also.


When I was hitting well and compressing the ball, I had a closed face at address. I always had a stronger grip.  Two weeks ago when I lost my swing.  Everyone was telling me that I was hooking the ball because of my grip. I started to open the face at address, however my shots are now all over and my compression of the golf club is awful and I notice that I was having trouble with the tour striker.Then I started to try to fix the problem. I thought I was coming over the top and started to come more inside. My divots were slowly getting more shallow and going more and more to the right and my impact was more to the toe. Distance went down and ball speed was way down.  When I was hitting well - my divots were more straight and then to the left. My impact was on the sweet spot or a little inside towards the heal.   ( Example of ball speed change - I went from hitting my 6 iron at 175 yards to 160) I saw your video (which I can not find again) about gripping the club at impact position first and then setting the club at address. This shows a closed face at address.(If relaxed)  You mention that at first you may hit shots to the left - however as you learn to body tilt the club face will be square at impact. ( You showed Zack as an example) I realize now that I lost my tilt.  Will you elaborate on the tilt and being more down the line ? 


Again - I love your product.  I believe there is at least 10 tour strikers on my range now. I also see you were able to get the tour striker into the PGA superstore in Atlanta GA. Once I can talk my wife into letting me - I will be at you club for some lessons. I personally believe your style of teaching and knowledge is second to none. I ask a lot of questions to the teachers over here about some of your theories and no one has been able to answer them or just avoid answering ( Yes - I am little over the top on this golf curse) The tour striker has taken me to a 40 index to a 10 in a very short time. ( Before my little issue that I have right now)  You really need to come out with a video. If you ever need help with the Q & A  or structure of the video. I will be more than willing to help. (Yes - I have golf issue) I just love the game. 


Thanks so much


Ken W


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