Friday, August 20, 2010

RE: Tour Striker Flight Question

Hi Adam,

First, thank you!

Second, the TS is clearly making you rotate the face a little more to
try and get the leading edge to a place where you can make the tool
work. Since your normal shot was a cut, you tried to fix the miss with a
leftward path. Now you have a face matching the path, whereas prior, you
had a face open to the path (slice).

Now you need to work on a little "axis tilt" or simply, let your left
hip bump a bit toward the target on the downswing as that will help your
path get a little more rightward to fix the pull.

It sounds like you are on the right path!!!

I am making a set of Tour Striker irons. I've had so many people love
the feel, I figured "why not?" They will be available early 2011. They
will have a tiny "tourstriker" leading edge, but incorporate a lot of
what makes the TS clubs feel so solid.



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Hi Martin,

I recently ordered a regular TS. The first thing I noticed is that I
seem to hit quite a few pulls with the club. I very rarely hit pulls
with my Ping G10s. To hit 2 or 3 in a row with the TS took me by
surprise. What may cause this? I have a problem with lots of fades with
my G10s. Pulls are never a worry.

Also I seem to hit the TS a LOT better than my G10s. So much so that I'm
starting to think that my G10s may not be a good choice for me. I seem
to have to work pretty hard with my G10s to not hit a fade. The TS seems
to take a whole lot less work and accuracy is better. I dont know why
this is. Any chance this thing is USGA legal? Haha


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