Saturday, September 4, 2010

RE: LH Tour Striker Pro 7-iron / steel stiff

Tracy, thanks for the kind note. I'm glad you like the product. If you
want a second training club, I'd ask you what you need the most help
with?? If it's pitching and short swings, go with the TS 56. If it
continues to be long game, then the 5 Pro.

Thanks for the support.


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I received my TS Pro 7 iron yesterday. Just looking at it, I thought
"how in the heck I'm I going to hit this". But, at the range last night,
I had very good success. Didn't roll any! The worst shot was maybe half
normal height. Most importantly, I hit a bunch of really good shots, and
I could really tell when it was hit correctly. Moving back and forth
between the TS and my normal 7 iron, I could see and feel the
difference. Seems like it's going to be a great help for my

Question : Already thinking about adding a second TS to my arsenal.
Would you recommend the 5 iron or the 56 degree wedge? If someone is
having success with the 7 iron, will there be much benefit in having the
wedge? I guess it would be more help with the chipping and pitching,

Thanks for the great product!


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  1. Martin -

    I've just been using the TSP 7 iron for a short time. Question... Why does the TSP not have regular grooves? To me the grooves are akin to what most drivers have. ie... very shallow scored lines across the face. I am enjoying using/training with the club and will report back soon with my results.