Friday, September 10, 2010

RE: Tour Striker is Great!

Hi David,

I'm glad you are enjoying the TS!

I wouldn't run out and buy blades. PING Eye 2's are great irons. They
have always seemed to have a draw tendency when I played them as a
younger man.

Forward shaft lean does promote a right to left shape which is great for
most. If you are "over-drawing" the ball, I would work on your path and
feel like you are swing more across the ball. I always feel like I'm
cutting across the ball and swinging left. That's how I can lean on the
ball with the shaft and not over-draw the ball.

My divots go left and my shot shape is a pretty straight, maybe
baby-fade shot.



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Subject: Tour Striker is Great!

Martin, I saw the info-mercial and bought the pro 7 iron T.S. and am
extremely pleased.

I am having a hard time though going from hitting the tour striker well
switching back to my Ping Eye 2 copper clubs. Do you have any
getting into proper alignment with the off-set or do I need to buy some
Also, I am tending to hit the ball right to left.

Happy Customer,
Inola, Ok

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