Friday, January 21, 2011

FW: Dixie Flatline started a new personal conversation with you

:) I'm going to take this fellow up on his offer:)


Dixie Flatline has sent you a new personal conversation entitled "You
are a classy guy!".

Dixie Flatline said:
I bought the TSP 7 iron pretty early into their release and preordered
the 56. I love them both and use them on every trip to the range.

I really am writing you because I noticed you had posted in the thread
where "thenewbie" had discussed grinding off the leading edge of a VIP
blade to make an improvised Tour Striker.

My first thought was to post back that he should just buy a TSP, but I
held off, as I have made some homemade stuff myself. But then I noticed
you not only posted in the thread, but actually gave him welding advice.
I was shocked. If I were you, I'd have been pissed. But your response
showed very clearly that first and foremost, you love helping people
play better golf.

Hats off to you. I will continue to support your products. And if you
ever make it to Georgia, PM me and I'll take you to dinner.


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  1. Most all gadgets on TV go for "(2) for $19.99, just pay separate shipping and handling." But Golf gadgets always seem to be about $100 overpriced. Ever notice that, like we're all stupid. Just buy a grinder wheel for $30 at Lowes and grind any old club. Grind the bottom at an angle to imitate the Striker and voila, your've beat the greedy golf gadget gods.