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Chuck, sincere thanks for the note. I'm thrilled the club has helped you. You made my day.


Date: Jan 29, 2011 10:06 AM
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Received my 7 iron Pro Tour Striker training club and video about 2 weeks ago.  I didn't watch the video for about a week.  I just took the Tour Striker to the driving range to check it out.  I'm not sure you even need a video with this swing trainer.  The Tour Striker did a better training job by itself than any lesson, video, or other swing trainer I have ever tried - and I have tried more than a few.  Typically, I use the Tour Striker for 5 to 10 balls on the driving range before I hit the rest of the balls (usually a small bucket).  This generally gets my swing right where it needs to be for the round.

So...last weekend I decided to watch the video.  The video that came with the Tour Striker helped me just as much, if not more than the Tour Striker.  Martin does a terrific job explaining the golf swing and providing visual/feel images that are unique and effective.  Thursday and Friday of this week, I shot two of my best rounds ever at my home course, 75 & 76, and it seemed like I could have easily shot 2 or 3 strokes better (I'm currently an 7.8 HCP index).  I have picked up 10%-20% added distance on my full swing shots, with improved accuracy and ball flight (slight draw).  A BIG thanks for a great product and training video.  Best $ I ever spent on golf.

Chuck R
Lacey, WA

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