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Hi David,


Chunky wedges are no fun at all. It’s hard to remain patient with the hands and sustain the lag. Think of it this way; typically the best players err with a divot too far ahead of the ball and they have “pro” thin shots. The newer golfers err by releasing the lag too early and their lever combination gets too long and they land behind the ball, thus the chunk shot.


Relax and let Mother Nature make the shaft and left arm seek it’s alignment. It will happen beyond the ball. Let the club “squeeze the grape.” I don’t want your hands doing it.






From: David S
Sent: Friday, January 21, 2011 5:59 PM
To: Martin Chuck
Subject: RE: Lessons/clinics


Oh you bet I will see you in Bend this year! Hey Martin, I have been hitting my mid irons (P thru 6) really really well since I have been refining my forward aiming point and practicing with the TS 7 iron. Only shots I still hit a bit fat sometimes are my 54 and 58 degree wedges from 60 to 80 yards out. When I practice it seems i have to move the aiming point forward even more for these clubs but when I played a round today, although I tried to have my hands going forward a lo, I still chunked it twice on critical shots. The divots were perfect shape but just barely short of solid contact. Other than moving my aiming point more forward, any thoughts you can share with me on this?




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Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 12:58:53 -0800

Hi David, it sounds like you are doing awesome! I want you to develop your own personal feelings so they belong to you. Keep your mind in your hands, that’s were mine is! Practice in a bunker anytime you can. I’d use your normal club I the bunker and the TS on tight grass.


Take care and thanks for your support! Come on up to Bend this summer.


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From: David S []
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Hello Martin,


I was able to buy a 7 iron pro at Carlson's! First time out was pretty good. I hit the tour striker pretty well but tended to hook a bit. I have a question; I have been working hard with the forward aiming point concept. I think I get it. Matter of fact it also works with my tennis strokes! But, I have been playing around with trying to establish the right spot to have as my aiming point. Your videos seem to show you using a point ahead of your left foot but inside the target line. I seem to hook a bit more when using that point. If I use a point well out front but right on the target line (of the ball) things work better.


The trick for me seems to be that I have to keep my mind on my hands rather than on the clubface as I was before. And, training myself to let my hands go that much forward of the ball and still be able to collect the ball on the way through takes some trust!


So, any points you can give me on this would be appreciated before I get too much practice time in. I really like your idea of learning in the sand. Will the repitition of doing this a lot eventually turn into a natural swing? I hope so!






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  1. not able to practice as much as I would have liked to since getting the Striker a few weeks ago. I'm one of those people who would rather play a round, than practice. I have a question about the part of your video with the 4 boxes,"never use upper right hand box". To me that translates in to "never play ball to the right of center of stance" Is that correct?